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Share Savings

CGECU has three types of savings account to meet your needs.   The Credit Union only has "DEPOSITORY" accounts, thus by regulation the withdrawals of such accounts are limited.  The regulation on such accounts only allows six (6) withdrawals per month, the credit union BOD only allows three (3) with no fees per month.

Share Savings

This is a basic account required by all members. A minimum $25 balance is required to maintain your membership. Dividends are awarded quarterly by the Board of Directors on Share Savings accounts with balances of $300 or greater.

Christmas Club

Our special Christmas Club accounts are offered annually to help members save up for the holidays starting on October 1st and paying out on November 1st each year.  Maximum you can invest is $5,000.00 per 12 month period, you must deposit minimum of $25.00 to open and $25.00 per month.  Open period to start an account is from first business day of November to last business day of December.  Request more information 

Lucky Lagniappe Savings

New for 2018!  Must be a member of the credit union to open such account.

Open an account for $5.00, for every $20.00 increase in deposit you get one (1) entry to prize drawings, up to maximum of five (5) entries per month ($100.00 deposit increase per month).  This is a club type account, thus you can not withdraw funds during the first twelve (12) months without a penality. (First withdrawal is a $10.00 penality, Second is a $20.00 penality, Third is no penality, but account is closed and you are not allowed to reopen for ninety (90) days).  LLSA - Request Application

More details of the program can be seen at or Email for an application today.

Pays higher dividends than Share Savings accounts, dividends paid quarterly.  No minimum balance required.

Prize awards are deposited directly to Share Savings accounts.


Account Type Annual Percentage Rate Annual Percentage Yield Last Paid
Share Savings 0.28% APR 0.280% APY 31 December 2017
Christmas Club 1.00% APR 1.005% APY 31 October 2017
Lucky Lagniappe Savings 0.34% APR 0.340% APY "NEW", first dividend to be 31 Mar 2018


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