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Share Savings

This type of account is also known as savings accounts or S1 accounts. This is the primary account for your membership at the credit union. Deposits in accounts are considered shares because credit union account holders are both owners and members.

Share Savings

This is a basic account required by all members. A minimum $25 balance is required to maintain your membership. Dividends are awarded quarterly by the Board of Directors on Share Savings accounts with balances of $300 or greater.


Christmas Club


Our special Christmas Club accounts are offered annually to help members save up for the holidays starting on October 1st and paying out on November 1st each year.




Account Type Annual Percentage Rate Annual Percentage Yield Last Paid
Share Savings 0.28% APR 0.280% APY 30 June 2017
Christmas Club 1.00% APR 1.005% APY 31 October 2016


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