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    On average, the unsecured signature loan rate is 9.53% APR and the debt consolidation loan rate is 10.98% APR. Loan rates are subject to change without prior notice.

Unsecured Signature

Grading 24 mo. 36 mo. 48 mo.
A 7.95% APR 8.83% APR 9.71% APR
B 8.30% APR 9.18% APR 10.06% APR
C 8.65% APR 9.35% APR 10.41% APR
D 9.00% APR 9.88% APR 10.76% APR
E 9.35% APR 10.23% APR 11.11% APR


Debt Consolidation (Maximum of 5 Creditors)

Grading 24 mo. 36 mo. 48 mo.
A 9.45% APR 10.28% APR 11.11% APR
B 9.80% APR 10.63% APR 11.46% APR
C 10.15% APR 10.98% APR 11.81% APR
D 10.50% APR 11.33% APR 12.16% APR
E 10.85% APR 11.68% APR 12.51% APR


Quick Loans

Terms Rate Limit
12 Months 9.25% APR $3,000.00

Pre-K through 12 Grade Tuition Loans (Multiply children program available)

Tuition assistance loans for pre-K through 12th grade available.  Funds are paid directly to the school, you get a discount interest rate for repaying on time with future K12 Tuition Loans.  Multiply children programs available, call the office for details.
Terms Rate Limit
36 Months (Max) 7.50% APR Dependent on educational level of child

Life Saver Loan (quick cash, no credit check)

Terms Rate Limit
12 Months (Max) 14.00% APR $900.00

Furlough Loan(In the event of a Federal Government Shut down)

Funds disbursed only if payroll is missed, must be a member on the date of the shutdown. Non-members are eligible at a higher interest rate, must become a member prior to disbursement of funds.
Terms Rate
12 Months (Max) Currently not offered, but in the event of a Government Shutdown check back with the credit union.


1.  You must be a member prior to applying for a loan, thus complete a membership application first if you do not have an account with the credit union.

2.   You must  provide a purpose for the use of the funds.

3.   You must provide ALL proof of income (LES, Last Three Pay Stubs, Letter stating income from employer)

4.   You must provide two references not living with you and full contact information

You can provide the information by email or fax to 877-427-3291, send it when you apply to make things move quicker!

  Apply for a Loan

Following the above steps will ensure quick processing and the loan packet will be in the hands of the credit committee quickly with an answer in a short amount of time.