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Credit Unions are member owned and not for profit.  Volunteers are important to the credit union operations.  We are always looking for individuals to train and qualify as a volunteer.   If you are a member and want to volunteer complete an application, you can be fill an immediate spot or become part of our volunteer pool.


Positions are always opening.

Join the credit union volunteer pool today, get training and fill positions temporarily or pemanently when necessary.

Volunteer Application

Board of Director elected to position, job is to set the direction for and control the credit union.

Name Position
George M. Bruner Chair
Mark Taylor Vice-Chair
James Pulse Secretary
Reo Simmons Treasurer
Elnora Sano-Portes Board Member
<Vacant> Board Member
<Vacant> Board Member


Supervisory Committee appointed by BOD, watchdogs of the credit union, ensure records are kept and regulations are meet.

Name Position
KaTrina Griffin Committee Chair
Lee Turner Committee Member
Peggy Hall Committee Member


Credit Committee appointed by BOD, approves or disapproves all request from member for credit, overseas the Loan Officers.


Loan Officers designated by the BOD, can be hired by the Credit Committee, underwrites the loans, reports to the Credit Committee.