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How to Save

The purpose of saving money is to reduce the burden of big purchases and emergencies. That's why it's important to set financial goals and to understand how emergencies can effect your finances.

How much should you save?

The standard rule is to try to save 10% of your income. If you are unable to put 10% away, it is important to remember that any available funds placed in saving each month is better than nothing.

When choosing were to put the funds it is best to select an account that you do not have easy liquidation access. An account you can quickly withdraw funds at any whim will not help to ensure you continue to save toward the goal or for emergencies.

No Time Like the Present

Whatever your goals are you will not get there by thinking of saving money. You must actual start putting funds away today. So do not wait, contact us today and we will help you define your goals and plan to the future.

Club Accounts

Designed to encourage savings for specific goals. Such accounts have a designated maturity date when dividends are paid and funds disbursed.

  • Christmas Club
  • Vacation Club
  • Education Club
  • Tax Club

For what should you save?

  • Goal
    • New Car
    • House Downpayment
    • Other Big Expenses
  • Emergency
    • Auto Repairs
    • Home Repairs
    • Family Tragedy

Maximum Savings

How much should your have in savings is determined by your goals and possible emergencies.

After determining these needs you will establish the amount of funds necessary in Short Term Liquidation and what can be placed in Long Term Liquidation. Thus, making the funds work for you to meet the future goals.