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Financial Counseling

Navigating through calm financial affairs is difficult for even those that have some financial background. When your financial affairs become difficult or you just need someone to talk with concerning such issues your Credit Union has specialized individuals trained to help you understand and help you chart a course out of the rough times.

What can we do for you?

A Credit Union Certified Financial Counselor (CUCFC) should never take control of your financial accounts. Instead they should educate you about financial affairs and assist you in becoming financially independent.

Some of the items they will help you with are:

  • Assist in developing a budget
  • Educate you about debt consolidation
  • Explain retirement planning
  • Guide you in developing a savings plan
  • Help you to understand insurance
  • General financial education
  • Recommend financial assistance or resources
    • Financial Advisor - help in putting your funds to work for you
    • Debt Consolidation Services - reduce high interest debt and monthly payments

Trained Individuals

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